Angry today

Today is an angry day. I'm tired of people and empty suggestions. Everyone is telling me what I should do but I don't see any plans or help to do any of it. I hear all the condemnation of big pharma but I don't see the natural remedies being handed out for the low so what makes them better? Bottom line is that the cure isn't readily available if you don't figure it out yourself or have a boatload of money. #fuckcancer

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You might get annoyed with me for saying this but I'll say it anyway and risk it....I don't know of ANYONE who was cured of cancer with "eye of newt", latte enemas, "bubble bubble toil and trouble". Everyone I know who went TOTALLY macrobiotic, Laetrile, whatever, is gone. I firmly believe that as of now, chemo/radiation/immunotherapy is our best hope, WITH alternatives/holistic to alleviate the symptoms. Don't listen to anyone; living in a state of annoyance is not good for you, so just listen to what Is in your own head. You can get through this, there are so many maintenance chemo Rx's for MBC. God bless.
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Not annoyed at all. I'm taking the chemo and using natural remedies for strength and rebuilding. I'm going to move back home to Seattle where they have naturopathic doctors working with western medical doctors.
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Good! Glad to hear this! Blessings on your tx's, both conventional and holistic. God bless.😉
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I agree with Marcia. We would love to treat or cure my husband's pancreatic cancer, and save his live with natural remedies. The bottom line is, western medicine is the most effective and we would be too afraid to not use it. I went to a naturalist at one point for myself, He said if there is a fire, put it out, if you need surgery or traditional medicine get it done and combine it with as much natural medicine as you can. If only surgery, chemo and radiation came with a guarantee would we be satisfied, but it doesn't. Many of us are prolonging our lives, prolonging quality of life and sometimes knowing when to quit. I have angry days to...
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